Over the Years we have had certain questions asked over and over. 
Here are the most asked questions by new visitors.
Many thanks to long time group member Adam Gibson for providing these great answers.
Caution these ideas are only opinions based on numerous corresponces between support group members and not recognized medial facts.
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Will Hypnosis help?
It is entirely possible that Hypnosis will work for you. I believe the
mind is an amazing thing and that if you believe strongly in something
and give 100% of yourself that positive things can happen. However,
when I was a teen I underwent hypnosis therapy. My family spent all
kinds of money to cure me of the picky eating. They put me under,
planted key words and then submitted me to the world. At dinner time
my Mother would utter these key words to trigger my openess to try new
foods. While they did make me feel a little different when the words
were spoken, not once did I eat a new food. Either the smell or
thought distracted me enough not to want to even try. If I did get it
by my lips I would either gag or throw up, which was not different
than before the therapy. So, why I do not want to discourage you from
trying this method, my experience tells me it might not be worth your

Will my eating keep me from having healthy children?

As a father of 2 healthy boys, I can say that my picky eating didnt
stop me from producing offspring. My older son has some of the traits
I have, but at least eats fruit with every meal. My younger son, still
just a baby, eats anything and everything he can. In our group we have
many women who have healthy children, some picky eaters and some
regular eaters. I would guarantee you that our disorder will not stop
you from having healthy children.
What treatments are there?
I have done a bit of research on this topic and can tell you there are
not a lot of treatments available. Of the ones I have tried, my
favorite is introducing similiar foods into your diet. For example, if
you like french fries try a baked potato. If you like ketchup, try
tomato paste. This has helped me introduce foods into my diet. The
other treatments I have seen range from hypnosis to shock therapy, but
nothing I can recommend. My least favorite is the sneaking food into
other food method. From my experience that just causes trust issues.
Will I die young?
For years this was my biggest worry. Doctors, parents, teachers, etc
have all warned me I wouldn't make it to ** years old. However, I am
39 and have a mostly healthy life. I believe our bodies adapt to the
foods we eat and that we can live as long as the normal eaters.
Besides a lot of us dont drink, smoke or have problems eating
everything available at buffett's.