Here are some of the possible causes for your picky eating.
Times they are changing.  When this website started most medical professionals had the opinion that what we have has never been a real disorder.  Now we are on the cusp of our disorder going in to medical diagnostic manuals in the very near future.  That is terrific news.
I think the one common thread that I and those I have met with similar problems is that our brains don't think of many foods as food. Generally, the more complex the food, the less likely any of us are to eat it. And that's why it truly should be a recognized eating disorder.
The only meat I eat is Bacon. But it better not be thick and it should be very crisp. In fact, burnt is better than under cooked. If it's pepper bacon I think of it as ugly looking dirt. Most of the others I have had contact with eat little or no meat. If I try to eat steak it feels like a piece of rubber in my mouth and with each chew I get closer and closer to a gag reflex than can lead to throwing up.
That's why when some one asks "Here, try this you just might like it," what they don't realize is that I fear one taste or one chew is all it will take to make me gag and have a very violent contraction in my abdomen as I throw up my stomach contents all over their carpet. It can really get ugly when it happens.
Professionals need to have some way to identify children who are going to be Picky Eaters into adulthood unless some sort of drastic intervention is taken. I believe the following clues could be very helpful.
If the child is otherwise well adjusted in all other ways and has no other behavior problems. Professionals might want to look for what I think is the biggest clue. Is the child not eating something because it tastes bad, or does he not really see it as food. I think that will probably be the most common thread that most Picky Eating Adults will share that come to this web page.
As for the cause it might be one of the topics listed at the top of this page a combination of them or something else not covered.  The picky eating can start with feeding issues at birth.  Or it might suddenly show up around years 2 to 4.  Some childhood picky eating is a normal phase.  But those of us that have our disorder it is no phase and change is very very difficult.
Funny I can remember getting hysterical if so much as one little crumb was floating in my glass of milk when I was around 4 years old.  Even today I don't really like a crumb to be floating in my milk.  The only difference is now I just remove it.  I use to call it there is a speck in my milk.
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